THE PERFECT FIT!! SelfieStyler powered by SureFit

Photo by the talented + beautiful Kristina Marie.

Happy Women Empowerment Wednesday, babes! I’m super excited because I just discovered my FAVORITE new way to shop, and I cannot wait to share it with you. Let’s get real for a second – by a show of figurative hands, how many of you have felt helpless in the dressing room when shopping for jeans? I know I have. Many, many times. It can totally wreck your confidence when you try on size after size and NOTHING FITS. How is that even possible?! A friend recently told me about SelfieStyler powered by SureFit and let me tell you, THIS. APP. WILL. CHANGE. LIVES.


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First things first, you have to take your selfies. The app will guide you through the process and it is so quick and easy. It uses your measurements and spacial distance to determine the perfect fit for you – pretty cool, right? Well it gets better! Once your images are uploaded, you can virtually try on the clothing and see how everything fits!

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From there, you go ahead and add three things into your cart and the $1 SureFit box will do the rest!

I was honestly SO HAPPY with this experience. Everything that arrived fit beautifully and I felt so confident that the jeans actually FIT! I hadn’t tried the brand before, so I was very surprised and felt like a million dollars. You can see my try-on experience here on IGTV.

Since everyone deserves a SureFit, I teamed up with them to get you 30% off your first order using the code NBN30! You can also click this link to learn more.

I hope you have a great week and go out there and slay all of your dreams!


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