Women Empowerment Wednesday: Best Dressed

Happy Women Empowerment Wednesday! Today, we’re chatting about and supporting a female owned + operated business here in Boston – Best Dressed.

If you know me, then you know that I LOVE letting my friends borrow my clothes. You’re going on a trip? Cool. Here are six outfits you should bring. Oh, you have a wedding? What color dress do you want to wear – try this one! It’s one of my favorite things to share the love and see other people rock some of my favorites pieces.

Best Dressed does just that – they have a gorgeous selection of high-end dresses (and some chic bags) available for rent! The storefront is located at 489 E Broadway in South Boston, so you go in, get styled, and then pick up your fabulous fit prior to your event.

The business is run by Vicky + Nikoleta – two absolutely gorgeous and sweet sisters who are TOTAL girl bosses. They have an eye for style and everything in the store is exquisite.They source their inventory by shopping (dream job) and purchase their dresses in season and brand new.

I have a few events coming up, so I stopped in to try on some pieces. It was so easy to browse the racks because they’re organized by size (HUGE help) and if something is already reserved it will have a little tag on the hanger with the dates – so you’ll know right away if it’s available for you. Here are some of my favorites:

You can do more than just rent (sometimes)!

This was a dress I saw and FELL IN LOVE with. So much in fact, I asked Nikoleta to let me know if she ever decided to part ways way it. Well, today was my lucky day, because she said yes! I ended up purchasing on the spot and bringing it home with me. She said that they will regularly sell pieces (for significantly under original retail) so don’t be afraid to ask!


To top off your looks, Best Dressed has jewelry available for sale – both online and in person. I’m wearing the Ivy earrings in red above. Check out the link here and use the code NICOLE at checkout to save 20%! Boston babes – if you stop in, your dress rentals will also be 20% off if you mention my name! Valid for the next week.

Happy shopping!


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