Women Empowerment Wednesday: Lilanie’s Fashion

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Happy Women Empowerment Wednesday, Angels! Today we are talking about how we define success. I love chatting about this with people because everyone interprets the idea of success very differently – and this is almost always impacted by past experiences.

I’ve always had big dreams, and quite a few of them at that. Coming from a very supportive and loving family, I’ve been encouraged to chase them all. Hard work has never deterred me from fighting for something, in fact, I love and value a solid challenge. Good things don’t come easily, and I know that with my whole heart. Countless times, I’ve prepared for an exam, a pageant, a presentation (just to name a few) with the upmost determination and dedication, and still didn’t see the result I worked so for.

For me, as someone who has heard “no” and “not right now” more times than I’d like to admit, I see success in a slightly unique way. To me, I feel the most successful when I don’t let anything get in my way or stop me from trying to accomplish something. I may not achieve my goal on the first, second, or even sixth try, but I’ll always look for lessons learned along the way and use them to grow. When I’m picking myself back up, and working even harder to come back better and stronger the next time around, that is when I truly feel the proudest.

We can’t always control the outcome, and that’s okay! This ties back to what we talked about last week, and how open-mindedness will always get you far in life. If you keep taking lemons and making that lemonade, you are already killing it, girl.

Some ways I stay on track:

  1. Journal – I write almost every day! Everything from goals, affirmations, gratitude entries, you name it. This helps me stay focused, and appreciate all of my blessings in life.
  2. Connect – Talk to people you trust who have similar goals as you. Whenever I have a bad day or feel down, I’ll always reach out to one of my best friend’s and just VENT. Hard. She’s always there for me and listens without judgement. It’s important to find a circle of people who love you and your goals as their own.
  3. REST – This one is huge! Don’t be afraid to take a quick break or some time off to clear your head and gather your thoughts. Sometimes a little R&R is exactly what you need to recalibrate and get going again.

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