Announcement! It’s Women Empowerment Wednesday

Photo: Hannah Rose Photography

Ladies! I’m super excited, because I started a new weekly IG series. Many of you know that Next by Nicole is all about girl power + collaboration. I’m constantly thinking about different ways we can support and celebrate one another on this platform – whether it’s sharing what we wear, what we eat, or just posting that bomb selfie.

I love seeing your gorgeous content, but I also want to connect with you on what’s going on in your world (the world outside of social media). To make this happen, I decided that once a week, I’m going to put you on the spot and ask you something in honor of Women Empowerment Wednesday – and then answer my own question here. Tag your friends on IG so they can join in, and comment on what other peeps are saying and HYPE 👏🏽 THEM 👏🏽 UP.

This week, I asked you to tell us about a time you felt you SLAYED at your job.

I was so happy to read all of your wonderful stories, including one girl boss who stepped out of her comfort zone to interview a celebrity, and another gal who found so much pride in seeing her name printed in a magazine she helped develop. I tagged their pages here so you can check them out and show some love!

I feel so blessed to say that I’ve had a few defining moments in both my jobs + current career that helped me grow and feel truly empowered. One that I always reflect on happened during my previous role as a Buyer. After a little over a year in my position, I was promoted and started to manage a direct report. It was such a confidence boost to know that my manager believed in me, and trusted that I could handle the responsibility. I also loved being a mentor/leader in a new capacity! I am so appreciative of this experience because I learned so many new lessons that I still carry with me today – I’ll share some of those another time.

If you haven’t joined in and shared, please do! I can’t wait to hear from you.


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