Menswear Chic

Photography by Riany Haffey

A closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. We’ve all been there before – myself, more times than I’d care to admit. It never really occurred to me that 5% of my closet is actually menswear (yes, my kind and patient fiancé has willingly surrendered a majority of our space to accomodate my wardrobe), and this opens up a world of new possibilities and outfit combinations. In a moment of what I consider both weakness and brilliance, I stole one of his shirts.

I’ve always loved incorporating the “menswear vibe” into my style, but it can be challenging since most of the pieces are shapeless. Luckily, my favorite belt did just the trick and gave me a waistline again. I didn’t want to come across as too casual, so I went with a killer pair of platform heels as opposed to flats or booties.

This is one of my favorite looks of 2019, and the shirt is now mine (kidding, but hopefully he’ll let me borrow it again). H&M makes an awesome piece that is almost identical, and retails for $11.99. You can check it out here or in the slider below. Happy shopping!


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